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Mortgage after payday loans

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Last reviewed on 24th June 2022

Information on getting a mortgage after payday loans is often confusing and contradictory. As a result, we’ve created this guide to explain everything you need to know about mortgages and payday loans.

Can I get a mortgage after using payday loans?

The short answer is yes, getting a mortgage after using payday loans is possible, but it can be difficult. Furthermore, you won’t have the same flexibility as borrowers that have never used payday loans.

As with all mortgages, lenders each have their own individual criteria to assess mortgage applications. Some lenders may decline your mortgage simply because of a recent payday loan. Other lenders may decline you for taking out a single payday loan five years ago!

The general consensus for what most lenders will assess on a mortgage after payday loans includes:

  • The frequency of your payday loan use
  • How recent your last payday loan was
  • If you’ve had problems with your credit
  • The loan to value of your mortgage

Myth: Payday loans will help me get a mortgage

Although there is a lot of conflicting advice online, (as there is with everything!) a payday loan most certainly does not improve your chances of a mortgage. We’re astounded by the number of people we speak to, that believe it’s possible to get a mortgage with payday loans.

Let’s clear the confusion up once and for all. Credit reference agencies such as Experian and Equifax assess your score partly on whether or not your credit is kept up to date. Falling behind with credit payments will have a negative impact on your credit score.

Making payments on time will have a positive impact on your credit score. Taking out payday loans and then repaying them back on time, actively shows credit agencies that you can keep up to date with your credit. In turn, this can improve your credit score as it shows you to be a good borrower.

So, what’s the problem with using payday loans?

Although mortgage lenders will check your credit score, using payday loans can result in your mortgage being declined. It’s important to remember that lenders will have their own policies in place. Credit scores are only used as part of their assessments.

The major point here is, that you can have the highest credit score possible and still be declined a mortgage. If you’ve used payday loans you simply can’t rely on a great credit score to secure a mortgage.

Lenders will always prefer a borrower that doesn’t use payday loans as opposed to a borrower that relies on payday loans.

Why don’t mortgage lenders like payday loans?

Most lenders tend to avoid applicants that have used payday loans. If you’ve had to rely on payday loans to make payments in the past, lenders may suggest that a mortgage may be too much for you to manage.

The main reason is that underwriters assume that borrowers have only used payday loans due to not having a strong financial basis. For this reason, payday loans can ring alarm bells for most lenders as it shows applicants to be high risk.

Don’t let this put you off. There’s still a selection of lenders that offer mortgages after payday loans and at some pretty good rates too. The key is going to the right lender.

If ‘Lender A’ doesn’t accept mortgages after payday loans, whereas ‘Lender B’ does, you’d need to go to ‘Lender B’. This may sound obvious, but it’s only obvious if you know where to look and what criteria lenders have.

Lenders don’t openly have their assessment criteria available for everyone to see. Furthermore, they won’t discuss how payday loans will affect your mortgage. Only experienced advisors will have this information, as they’re in constant communication with lenders on a daily basis.

ask a mortgage broker

Will my bank give me a mortgage after using payday loans?

Most borrowers will usually go straight to a high street bank, only to be declined and then give up on getting a mortgage altogether.

The knowledge and experience of an expert can ensure that you’re informed of the best-suited lenders to go to. This means you’ll have a structured approach to getting your mortgage secured, which is what you’ll need to do if you’ve used payday loans.

The last thing you’ll want to do is to take a chance with your mortgage application. This will only cause you further setbacks if you’re declined (and a waste of time and money!).

My payday loan was over 5 years ago, will it matter?

The timeline of when you last used payday loans make all the difference. If your last payday loan was over six years ago, applying for a mortgage should be pretty straightforward. This is especially true if everything else is intact, such as your credit file. If you’ve recently used payday loans, then getting a mortgage can prove difficult, but not impossible.

It’s important to note that some lenders may still decline you for having ever used payday loans. Even if you took a payday loan ten years ago, some lenders will see that as a red flag. That being said, there are enough lenders in the market that’ll tend to overlook the use of payday loans if they were over six years ago.

How much can I borrow if I’ve had a payday loan?

If you need a mortgage after using payday loans and are yet to speak to a mortgage advisor, it’s difficult to give you an exact amount of how much you can borrow.

That being said, there are certain factors that will have an effect on the amount you’re able to borrow after having used payday loans.

Affordability and how lenders make assessments

As each lender will assess your affordability on different factors, the maximum amount you can borrow will differ.

The majority of lenders often cap mortgages after payday loans to around three to four times your annual income. Other lenders may use a completely different method to assess how much they’ll lend.

‘Lender A’ may offer you a maximum mortgage of £150k with ‘Lender B’ prepared to offer you a maximum of £250k. ‘Lender C’ may not accept someone that’s used payday loans and ‘Lender D’ declines applicants with a varied income.

This is why having an expert mortgage advisor can make all the difference. Advisors can present your income in the best possible manner to increase your chance of approval.

Will I need a large deposit?

If you have a 5-10% deposit and are in need of a 90-95% mortgage, then the number of lenders available will be restricted. This becomes further apparent when you’ve used payday loans.

The majority of lenders will therefore at least require a 10% deposit and only offer 80-90% mortgages. That being said, there are lenders that may offer mortgages with a 5% deposit, even after the use of payday loans.

Mortgage rates & fees for payday loans

If you’re applying for a mortgage after using payday loans, lenders will view you as a higher risk than normal. Because of this, lenders will tend to charge higher rates and fees to provide them with security, but this largely depends on the borrower.

For instance, if you have a large deposit, a great credit score and used payday loans a number of years ago, you may be offered great rates with minimal fees.

What type of mortgage can I get?

As lenders will be limited after using payday loans, you may also be limited in your mortgage type. For instance, if you had the choice of the open market, you could choose from different mortgage types such as fixed or tracker rates, interest-only or repayment. However, in this case, you may only be offered a mortgage product with restricted options.

If a particular lender was to offer you a certain mortgage type, you may not have the option to pick and choose from all the varied types of mortgage products.

Payday loans and bad credit

If you have bad credit in addition to using payday loans, then things can get really difficult. That being said, it’s possible to get a mortgage after using payday loans with the following credit problems:

In addition to payday loans, lenders will analyse every angle of your application as they deem you high risk.

The last thing a lender wants is for borrowers to be using payday loans to meet mortgage payments. This is because your finances could easily spiral out of control as a result.

What if I’ve defaulted on a payday loan?

If you’ve taken a payday loan and then defaulted, lenders will view you as an extremely high-risk borrower. This is because you’ve gone to the extent of using a payday loan and then defaulted, which from a lender’s perspective shows that you’ve had financial difficulties.

As each case is different, you may have evidence that you’re now financially stable which can improve your mortgage chances. You can also help your mortgage application by saving a large deposit or if the default was a number of years ago.

Which mortgage lenders accept payday loans?

Lenders aren’t all so rigid and can take your personal situation into account. You may have gone through a difficult time in your life such as divorce or ill health. This could have directly impacted your financial stability.

With evidence of recovery, lenders can see you’ve taken financial control. Regaining financial stability can persuade certain lenders to see past the use of payday loans.

If you’ve been careless with spending and incurred debts that you could have avoided, then lenders will need more to convince them in approving your mortgage.

I’ve been declined because of a payday loan

If you’ve been declined a mortgage because of payday loans, don’t worry. We often speak to members of the public that have also been declined to go on and then get a mortgage.

Mortgage applications are sometimes declined at the last minute which can be awful. Some lenders use automated programs to assess applications. Once underwriters detect certain issues they’ll simply decline the mortgage as they haven’t been given any other information. It’s often difficult to then get the decision reversed, but it is possible.

This is why it’s always worth taking the time to speak with an expert. Our advisors can place your application with the best-suited lender. We’ll also keep in close communication with the underwriters should anything give them doubts.

There are many lenders that will consider approving a mortgage after payday loans and we work with them on a regular basis. If you’re still unsure, you can ask our advisors a simple question to get started.


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