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Bad credit mortgage calculator

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Bad credit mortgage calculator

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Last reviewed on 22nd July 2023 by Martin Alexander (Mortgage Advisor)

Use our bad credit mortgage calculator to check how much you can borrow for a mortgage.

How will my mortgage be calculated if I have bad credit?

Mortgage lenders will carry out a credit check before submitting your mortgage application. Depending on your credit issues, lenders will either decline the application or base the loan amount on your credit problems.

Our mortgage calculator allows you to check whether a mortgage is possible with your credit issues. That being said, any mortgage calculator should only be used for guidance, so seek help from our experts if you require a mortgage lender that accepts bad credit.

By entering your credit problems and the amount you wish to borrow, our calculator will guide you on what’s possible. Online calculators are a great place to start, as they’ll give you an idea of how much you can borrow with your credit history.

Bad credit FAQ

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with applying for a mortgage with bad credit. That being said, you must seek specialist advice before applying. If you go directly to a lender, you risk being declined, which can damage your credit score further.

You’ll likely be charged higher rates and fees if your credit issues are severe. Minor credit issues such as late payments shouldn’t significantly affect your mortgage application. Nonetheless, an advisor can assess your credit report before applying for a mortgage to ensure you’re getting the most suitable deal and aren’t overpaying.

The amount you can borrow for a mortgage largely depends on your income. That being said, having bad credit can affect the amount you can borrow. This is especially true if you apply for a maximum mortgage amount.

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