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Mortgage affordability calculator

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Mortgage affordability calculator

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Last reviewed on 8th June 2023 by Martin Alexander (Mortgage Advisor)

Try our mortgage affordability calculator and check whether you can afford a mortgage.

How is mortgage affordability calculated?

Mortgage affordability is based on your annual income and your monthly outgoings. Lenders can then make a judgement on whether the mortgage you’ve applied for is affordable.

How many times my salary can I borrow for a mortgage?

Depending on the lender you’ve applied with, you may be able to borrow between three and five times your annual salary. This is also known as a loan-to-income ratio. You may even be able to borrow six times your annual income under special circumstances.

What is a mortgage stress test?

Due to FCA guidance, lenders must also carry out stress tests during a mortgage affordability assessment. This is to check whether a mortgage would be affordable even if circumstances changed, such as being made redundant or if interest rates were to increase.

What can be used as income for a mortgage?

Most lenders will use your annual salary to assess your affordability. Some lenders will also include bonuses and overtime and may allow income from a pension, child maintenance and income investments, such as buy to let.

How many payslips will I need to show my income?

You’ll often require three months’ payslips as a minimum, although some lenders will request six months. That being said, a work contract and P60 along with bank statements can also outline your salary and can be enough to prove your income.

How much can I borrow if I’m self-employed?

If you’re self-employed, lenders will use your filed accounts to calculate your mortgage affordability. This will usually be between three and five times your net profit amount. You’ll need to have filed at least one set of accounts to be considered for a mortgage, but some lenders will require three years’ accounts.

Will my credit score affect the amount I can borrow?

Having a great credit score can certainly give lenders confidence in your application. A strong credit file shows that you’re reliable with credit and haven’t had any past issues. In comparison, if you have bad credit then you may struggle to borrow the maximum amount.