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Martin has been a mortgage advisor for over 15 years. Check to see if you qualify by filling out our quick form or give us a call on 0800 195 0490. mortgage reviews

Please note: By making an enquiry with Expert Mortgage Advisor, you are not directly applying for a mortgage. If you do make an enquiry, the most suited mortgage advisor will make contact to discuss the best mortgage options available for your circumstances. An advisor will then make an online mortgage application on your behalf.

Expert Mortgage Advisor is a mortgage information website. As a result, we don’t actively make mortgage applications on behalf of users. If you do make an enquiry, then your details will be passed on to our mortgage brokers to see what types of mortgages you’ll qualify for.

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How we’ll approach your mortgage

The expert advisors that we work with are leading UK mortgage brokers. We also have access to the whole market. This allows us full access to all types of mortgages with every UK mortgage lender. Some brokers advertise as though they have access to the whole market when in reality they don’t.

Even brokers that do have access to the entire market, might not understand lender criteria like our experts. This is because our brokers are all experienced in the most difficult of mortgage cases. We’ve satisfied thousands of clients with a majority of them being declined with either high street banks or other brokers.

Our mortgage process is simple. We’ll put you in touch with an expert advisor that is best suited to your needs. If you have adverse credit, you’ll speak to an adverse credit specialist. If you’re self-employed, then we’ll put you in touch with a self-employed specialist and so on.

Check to see if you’re eligible

Using Expert Mortgage Advisor has little risk if any at all. This is because our specialist brokers will always check if you’re eligible for a mortgage before applying. If there’s a mortgage out there, then our advisors will find it. If you’re not quite eligible, then our advisors will inform you of what you can do going forward before our brokers are confident of mortgage approval.

Our advisors have helped many borrowers with tricky circumstances, such as becoming recently self-employed or having just started a new job. Even if you have adverse credit, such as defaults or CCJs on your credit file, we can help.

Why an online mortgage application is different

If you follow the traditional methods of applying for a mortgage, you may find yourself having to schedule meetings to provide paperwork and discuss your options. In this day and age, personal schedules are typically busier than ever. With work and family commitments, it may be difficult to squeeze in a mortgage application.

Our brokers are nationwide and can service your mortgage wherever you’re located. This isn’t the only advantage, as we can also turn around mortgage applications at lightning speeds. Say goodbye to wasting time in waiting rooms and posting paperwork back and fourth by starting your online mortgage application today.

Ask a mortgage broker

What documents will I need?

When you make an initial enquiry, an advisor may request certain documents if your circumstances are not simple. For instance, if you’ve had credit problems then we’ll likely ask for your credit reports to assess the situation further. If you’re self-employed, then a copy of your SA302 documents will help our advisors in understanding your financial circumstances.

This process is called a ‘fact find’. Once a fact find has been completed and we’ve found you a potential mortgage, further documents will be needed to start a formal mortgage application. You will typically need to provide the below to get started:

  • Photo ID (passport/drivers licence)
  • Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement within the last 3 months)
  • Evidence of income (most recent payslips and p60 or accounts if self-employed)
  • Proof of deposit (bank/building society statement or signed gifted deposit letter)

Based on this information, suitable lenders can be approached immediately. Once a mortgage has been selected that you’re happy with, you will typically receive a decision in principle. You can then start your property search with confidence.

When should I apply for a mortgage?

If you’re serious about purchasing a property, then it’s best to find a mortgage before beginning your property search. This is for a number of reasons such as:

  1. Will give you a clear indication of how much you can borrow
  2. You can search for properties based on your budget
  3. Gives you time to find the best mortgage deal possible
  4. Create credibility with estate agents and stand out from buyer competition
  5. Can provide documents such as an agreement in principle if requested
  6. Shows you have a clear intent to property sellers and not wasting time
  7. Will give you the confidence to view properties and make offers

If you find a property and THEN apply for a mortgage, it can cause problems such as:

  1. Rushing to get a mortgage and ending up with a bad deal
  2. Losing out to another buyer who already has their mortgage in place
  3. Wasting time viewing properties that are beyond your budget
  4. Delays in your mortgage application causing the sale to fall through
  5. Lack of mortgage information means you’re unable to plan your property search

There isn’t actually any advantage to finding a mortgage AFTER you’ve found a property. You can still apply for a mortgage online with us, even after you’ve found a property. Either way can still result in you purchasing a property without any issues. Nonetheless, it’s best to get a mortgage secured BEFORE starting your property search, for the reasons above.

You can make an enquiry below to start your online mortgage application. An advisor will call you to discuss your options and the type of mortgages that’ll be possible to apply for.