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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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Mortgages for the over 55s

Age can play an important factor when applying for a mortgage. If you’re aged 55 or over, you’ll need to be tactful when securing...

Mortgage in one name when married

Applying for a mortgage as a single applicant while married is quite common. A number of reasons can warrant applying for a mortgage in...

Mortgages for single parents

Getting a mortgage as a single parent can be simple if you have the right advice and approach to your application. Although you may...

Mortgage on a zero hour contract

Zero-hour contracts have been on an upward trend for a number of years. There are almost two million workers in the UK that are...

Transfer a mortgage to another person

Circumstances in life often change and when a mortgage or property is concerned, it may involve having to transfer a mortgage. Transferring...

Mortgage with a new job

Getting a mortgage with a new job shouldn't be difficult, just as long as your application is structured correctly. A new job can be...

Mortgages for doctors

Mortgages for doctors often come with some great perks. This is because many lenders offer deals exclusively to those in the medical profession. Furthermore,...

Mortgage with no credit history

Credit checks are carried out almost every time you apply for any type of finance, including a mortgage. Your credit file gives creditors an...

Getting a mortgage on maternity leave

If you're on maternity leave and need a mortgage, it certainly isn't a straightforward task. As specialist mortgage advisors, we deal with enquiries that...

Lifetime mortgage equity release

A lifetime mortgage can be great for releasing equity in your home. With an increase in homeowners choosing to stay put, lifetime mortgages are...

Mortgages for professionals

Many clients we speak to aren't aware that there are specific mortgages for professionals. Mortgages tailored specifically for those working in professional fields can...

What can I use for a mortgage deposit?

We've seen some pretty strange deposit sources over the years. Not everyone will use savings for a mortgage deposit, so where else can a...